White Christmas Recap: Episode 02

Hello fellow White Christmas fans, and welcome to shipping central! First of all, I’d like to thank everyone who commented on the first installment of this recap, and/or reblogged it on Tumblr – also, thank you Mariam Watt for correcting me about Kangmo’s hearing aid! Yup. Cochlear implant. I will correct the previous post as soon as I can.

Like before, spoilers FOR THE WHOLE SHOW ahead, so don’t read if you haven’t watched it.

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Episode two begins with the voiceover telling us about ranks within the school, and the various ways to climb the social ladder (good grades, Chihoon; a strong fist, Youngjae; a pretty face, Eunsung). The voice tells us about Eunsung – she used to be happy, but once day she simply he changed, as if her personality had been reformatted. You can tell Eunsung is now an emotionless girl because her hair is loose and the skies are grey.

Speaking of our one and only resident lady, we find her in the infirmary, as Psychologist Yohan adjusts her IV. She’s alive! But we all knew that.

Meanwhile, in another room, The Teacher reads her file aloud, and questions Mooyul to find more about her sudden change – we can just tell he’s looking into motives that could have driven her into suicide. Mooyul looks visibly uncomfortable, as he replies that she changed before they broke up, so it’s not like the end of their relationship has anything to do with. We also learn that dating constitutes "rule breaking" in Susin.

We cut to a close-up on Kangmo’s camera, who apparently decided to take some pictures of supposedly dead Eunsung. Now, this doesn’t sound like such a bad idea in theory – they’re smart kids, she could be dead, it’s in their best interest to photograph the scene before the snow and or their own meddling ruins it –, but things can never be that simple in this show, am I right? I’m right.

This is where I must stop to say Jo Youngjae’s actor here is incredibly good looking. But that’s not all he’s doing right, no, he’s also attempting logical thinking and theorising about Eunsung’s strange suicide attempt – why would she go outside, if she could just as well kill herself inside? It doesn’t make sense. He also runs to Mooyul as soon as he returns from his talk with the teacher, so really... you can tell he’s worried. Asshole Youngjae is worried for the girl he said he’d kill in episode one. Aww.

(I warned you, welcome to shipping central, this is the episode where all ships come to life!)

Youngjae tries to follow Mooyul into his bedroom, but Mooyul closes the door on him before punching through (at least part of) it. Is this what Goody Mooyul looks like when he loses it? No. No, not at all, though I think this episode does a pretty good job of breaking him.

In the surveillance room, the Teacher makes some investigations of his own.

Meanwhile Mooyul enlists Kangmo’s help, asking him whether he’s kept the footage from the school trip. Kangmo launches himself in a monologue about how a cameraman always keeps his tapes, until Mooyul asks him to check for a blue face. Why? Well, it was a school trip, perhaps there were people dressed up for the talent show.

In the multimedia room, Jaekyu is also following Mooyul’s orders, and looking through footage from the school trip... until The Teacher walks in and asks what he’s doing. The following exchange is just glorious. Teacher is sad that he couldn’t enter the talent competition, because Yoonsu passed out and he had to bring him back (to school? to Korea? I wonder).

In his room, microphone removed, Kangmo also looks at footage, and finds Youngjae being an asshole on camera. What’s new?

In real life, though, Youngjae is acting somewhat like a nice guy, visiting (read also: spying on) Eunsung in the infirmary after hours, and reinventing the ugly sweater. Psychologist Yohan finds him by the door and informs him that Eunsung’s condition isn’t that serious – the scars are on the surface, and she didn’t bleed much. Youngjae brushes it off, because he’s not that worried.

Seeing right through him, Psychologist Yohan comments that Susin is a very interesting place, not because of its reputation as "Susin High, Seclusion High, Prison High", but because of its students. He tops it all off with the line that’s been reblogged by thousands of hipster blogs on Tumblr.

Youngjae returns to his room, but because he's a little jumpy, he locks the door. (take note, Yoonsu) For good measure, he also pushes an armchair against the door. Oh, Youngjae. This is what it looks like when people dig their own grave.

Oh hey, look. BUBBLE GUM. First we had Mooyul finding bubble gum on the "next is" mirror in episode one, now this... it’s almost like there’s someone walking around leaving bubble gum stuck to things as silent protest!

Called it.

So, in all seriousness, episode two is one of the hardest to watch for me, not only, but also, because of this scene. We’ve established Youngjae is a bit of a scaredy cat, but here, he’s so utterly terrified it’s not even funny anymore. I don’t feel like laughing as he crawls to the door and Mireu just stands and smiles. It gets worse when the show starts interweaving this with other scenes – Kangmo working, microphone on the table; Yoonsu in his room, headphones on; Chihoon asleep with some sort of high-tech mask that I’m sure only sharp men are allowed to wear. (note: Chihoon sleeps with the light on) I literally thought we were going to lose another student right here, 12 minutes into episode two. If not to the morgue, then surely to the infirmary.

But hey, who do you call when the going gets rough? Team Reaction. Good thing they’re coming up the stairs, minus Kangmo, huh? We should also take a moment to feel a little bit of Jaekyu’s pain, this whole thing must have been incredibly distressing for him – all he wanted was to teach a bunch of privileged kids a lesson, but instead, he’s having his Christmas break hijacked by a bully with a vendetta and a serial killer.

Graceful Team Reaction barges into the room and Mooyul asks useless questions, but Youngjae’s already down. Or so we think, because as soon as he sees an opening, he bolts.

So here we have another disturbing part, with Youngjae limping along the hallway, Mireu walking slowly behind him, and Team Reaction trying to hold him back. Mooyul tries to talk some sense into Mireu, reminding him that what he’s doing – staying in school without permission, using violence –, is hardcore rule breaking that could grant him a week in the "detention room".

Mireu doesn’t care, because he’s already expelled anyway – why bother playing by the rules now?

Goody Mooyul demands that Mireu tell them, at least, the reason behind his sudden attack on Youngjae. Mireu passes the question to our resident bully, wondering if perhaps he’d like to confess his sin? But Youngjae has no idea, and decides to answer instead with ableist insults, claiming that Mireu is a "a psycho", "crazy", and "totally bonkers". Charming.

Mireu’s patience is wearing thin, so he comes clean, and informs the group he’s not willing to take the blame for something he didn’t do. We’re told he was accused of damaging a statue in the school, but he’s only sure of one thing – he didn’t do it, Youngjae did. He denies, of course.

We might have a bit of a plothole here. Mireu is sure Youngjae stole the fireworks from the school storage room. How does he know? CCTV? Probably.

So let’s lay down the facts: Mireu has access to the cameras, Youngjae stole the fireworks and sold them to Yoonsu. Now, assuming they took the CCTV into consideration and made sure they weren’t ever caught on camera together – "I’ll leave them there, you go pick them up and leave the payment" –, Youngjae’s first instinct pertaining the evidence (the watch) wouldn’t be to barge right into Yoonsu’s room and return it. No, he’d just get rid of it in a neutral location, and then find a way to update Yoonsu in a way that was a little less suspicious.

Unless, of course, fear got the best of him and he couldn’t be bothered to think straight. Anyway, my point is: I find it very unlikely that Mireu couldn’t have solved this "mystery" with a look at the CCTV footage.

(the same holds for the whole black better situation, a look at the CCTV would have been enough to frame Jaekyu in about a thousand ways... but then the show would have ended too quickly, right?)

Goody Mooyul speaks words of poise and rationality, but Mireu doesn’t seem too convinced that they’ll find a culprit who isn’t Youngjae. Mooyul swears they’ll find out who did it, and then he’ll tell The Teacher himself. All very well, except Mireu is sure Youngjae is seconds away from running to The Teacher and telling him his own version of the tale.

"Youngjae won’t talk", Mooyul says, and we cut to his room, where he updates Mireu on the whole black letter situation.

Meanwhile, Jaekyu questions Youngjae off-camera, and returns with a piece of highly valuable information: "he says he didn’t do it". Goody Mooyul attempts logical thinking again, and agrees that while it is possible that he stole the fireworks, blowing up a statue is not the kind of thing Youngjae would do, or at least not alone.

Not because he’s a nice rule-abiding student, mind you, but because he’s not smart enough. Mooyul, you awkward turtle, we know you’re putting down his intelligence so you can feel better about yourself. Don’t.

Jaekyu notes that while that may be true, Youngjae has better grades than Mireu, so if Youngjae couldn’t do it, chances are Mireu didn’t do it either, and there must be a third person. This is where we learn that Mireu is actually the unsung genius of Susin High, scouted with a three-year scholarship, and...

Oh, Mooyul, how that must eat up your insides.

It’s morning again, and Mireu goes to wake Goody Mooyul with serious, existential questions. I like how Mireu is suddenly being so civil and polite – we can tell the explosion of violence from the day before isn’t actually who he is on a daily basis, though he can surely land a punch or two if the need arises. Mooyul must be a little cranky in the mornings, because he doesn’t answer the question, and instead teases Mireu about the fact that someone hates him enough to steal fireworks, build a bomb, and blow up a statue just to set him up. Basically, don’t mock me for my unsolved mysteries, Kang Mireu, you’ve got some of your own.

Mireu starts a monologue about hate versus dislike – when you dislike someone, you insult them and pick fights; but when you hate someone, you do it in secret, so not even the one being hated knows.

As he says this, he spots our sharpest man Choi Chihoon walking along the beautiful white fields, and we realise... oh, ok, he’s the target of Mireu’s own silent hatred.

Mooyul closes the scene with a rational question ("is it okay for you to just walk around as you please?"), and Mireu answers he’s got second sight. Riiiiiiight.

Realising that the CCTV may be an obstacle to Mireu’s carefree wandering, Mooyul walks to the surveillance room. He meets The Teacher by the door, and Mooyul asks whether it’d be possible for someone to sneak into the school unnoticed. He gets numbers for an answer – there are 184 security cameras in Susin High, including the dorms, no one can go unnoticed.

Now, this doesn’t sound like much considering that each bedroom has one camera and there are probably more than 184 students in Susin. Are you sure they’re not actually 1840?

The Teacher adds that he was shocked to know there were cameras in the rooms, but hey, "what do you expect from a place where kids study 18 hours a day?"

All hail The Teacher, for being aware of things. I love this quote.

So then Mooyul goes to see Eunsung, and finds cutting marks on her wrists. Eunsung (she’s awake! whoohoo!) isn’t happy that Mooyul’s sneaking on her like that, and when he asks why she’s done something like this to herself, she chooses to provoke him.

I love Eunsung, because she’s so aware of the way she’s seen within the group. "The prettiest girl", the one the boys want, the one Mooyul, Kangmo, and Youngjae want. She finds them all pathetic, for different reasons, but she might just be at her most cruel with Mooyul – she knows he yearns to be useful and needed, so she lies to him and tells him... oh, I started cutting because of you, I couldn’t stand the world without you. Happy now, she asks, because she knows that’s what he wants to hear.

But, alas, Eunsung is lying, and she states that her self destruction has nothing to do with him. Everything we need to know about their relationship is right here. It’s not about you, it was never about you, and I don’t need you to care now, because you certainly didn’t care then, when we broke up. I have to side with Eunsung here. You don’t just let a relationship go when people are mentally unwell. You stay by their side. But Mooyul didn’t, because it was against the rules, and his dad had found out, and exams were coming up, and with Eunsung suddenly changing into a whole new person because of things that didn’t concern him, the cons of the relationship were starting to outweigh the pros. Goody Mooyul is slowly losing his halo, it seems.

But then, behold, she goes a little overboard when she says that if Mooyul really wants to help someone, he should look around... or better yet, maybe he should look in the mirror. After all, he’s got more than enough reasons to be unhappy, and if he cut his wrists, no one would even blink.

Uncool, Eunsung. Very uncool. I am all up for attacking Mooyul for leaving you when he shouldn’t have – I’m not up for attacking Mooyul because his mom is dead.

Chihoon walks in on the conversation, telling Eunsung that while she is free to kill herself, it’s no one’s business but her own, so she shouldn’t burden others with it. I don’t actually understand where he’s coming from with this comment – he’s not urging her into suicide, but he’s also not making any efforts to stop her. Is this a half-assed defense of Mooyul? Is he trying to ease Mooyul’s burden by telling his ex-girlfriend to go whine somewhere else? Is this simply Chihoon thinking that because suicide isn’t a subject he’s interested in discussing, it should be ignored? Who knows.

Meanwhile Team Reaction gather around Kangmo to hear about his findings. He’s found footage of Youngjae in the motel back at the school trip, throwing balloons full of blue paint.

Alas, real-life Youngjae is sneaking around again, while Mireu watches through his laptop. This time he’s not spying on Eunsung, though, he’s apprehensively knocking on Yoonsu’s door.

Since nobody answers, he walks in, opens a drawer in the dresser, throws something in there, and walks out – but not before taking a chocolate from a jar. The door closes, we keep looking at the jar, and a few seconds later, we see another hand repeating the motion. It’s Mireu, who’s come to check on the mystery object.

Well, that’s suspicious.

Youngjae meets Team Reaction in the hallway and asks about Yoonsu – the fact that Youngjae is still looking for Yoonsu even after returning the watch is enough evidence that he wants to get to him before Mireu does, so they can come up with the least incriminating version of the story. He also feigns worry for Yoonsu’s well-being, which would be quite endearing if we didn’t know what’s coming later in the episode.

Team Reaction show Youngjae a screencap from Kangmo’s video, picturing him with the blue balloon. Time for Eureka Music.

Then, Goody Mooyul explains: "You threw a balloon with blue paint at someone’s face. He went into Yoonsu’s room. Yoonsu tricked himself into thinking he was the monster in the corner." Youngjae thinks the whole thing is ridiculous, of course. First, because he doesn’t like being connected to the letter in any way; second, because he doesn’t know anything about monsters in corners, and it’s pretty far-fetched that Yoonsu would ever confuse blue paint with a birthmark.

And with that, he ditches Team Reaction to go find his new BFF (whose facial recognition skills cannot be questioned).

But alas, he meets his match instead, and he’s got serious questions to ask.

Now, if you’ve read the last review, you may have noticed that I kept a homosexuality reference tally, with the names of the people associated with them. This was something I noticed the very first time I watched the drama, is it just me, or do these people talk about / imply / comment on homosexuality quite a bit?

We get four apparently pointless references on episode one, three involving Yoonsu, one involving Youngjae. We can forget about this last one, because while it does imply that Youngjae’s stepdad has a very invasive crush on him, it tells us nothing about Youngjae himself. So, considering Yoonsu, I started thinking... hey, this is a grown-up drama, right? Maybe they’re doing this on purpose. Maybe this is their subtle way to code Yoonsu as gay (or bi, or pan, or poly, or just… well, capable of same-gender attraction).

I started reading him with this in mind, from then on. When, in episode one, we got that whole “who are you related to inside this school” exchange, Youngjae replied "no one but Kangmo", before being corrected by Kangmo himself with “what about Yoonsu? I heard you could buy a building with the money you’ve taken from him”. Youngjae freaked out, and I assumed (rightly so) that their relationship, whatever its nature, was supposed to be kept a secret.

Then we jumped to this episode – Youngjae sneaking around, looking pretty distressed, walking into Yoonsu’s room, opening a drawer (incidentally, or maybe not, the same drawer where Yoonsu keeps his pills), leaving a monogrammed watch inside, taking a chocolate from the jar, walking out. At the time of my first watch, I had no idea of what was happening, so my brain simply jumped to the likeliest conclusion based on the very little (and mind you, that included four pointless homosexuality references) I knew about these people – they’re a thing. But then I realised they didn’t seem to be too friendly anymore, so maybe they’d been a thing, and Youngjae was returning the watch because suddenly all eyes had turned on him and he didn’t want anyone to find out.

Now, before anyone jumps at me for mindless shipping, let me just say this – I consume media under the assumption that, if LGBTQIAP people exist in real life, we must exist in fiction as well. I really did think I was looking at a relationship here. I was wrong, but even so, I wanted this to be a part of the recap. Did you notice the homosexuality references (except one we’re still about to see) were all in episode one? Yay for being completely fooled by the narrative.

Meanwhile Team Reaction (minus Kangmo) is still discussing the letter, with Mooyul starting to organise the sins in chronological order. Youngjae’s and Yoonsu’s sins (you tainted me; you made me a monster) come first, during the school trip in August of their first year in Susin, while Eunsung’s and Mooyul’s (you ridiculed me; you took everything I had) come in October.

Their logical thinking is interrupted as Youngjae comes barging up the stairs, shouting for help because Mireu went off to kill Yoonsu. Well, if you wanted to avoid that, Youngjae, maybe you should have kept your mouth shut. Dear lord.

Outside, Yoonsu observes a deer for a few artistically framed seconds...

...before Mireu gets to him.

Mireu kicks him down after slapping him twice (why didn’t you just go straight for the punch?), but Yoonsu doesn’t look too scared. Mireu doesn’t know what to make of it, and because of that, he smiles. Mireu always smiles when’s he’s out of his element, it’s adorable.

So, I’ve seen a lot of people interpret Yoonsu’s passivity in this scene as a sign that he’s so far gone due to his depression that everything else just kind of blurs for him. I agree, though I also like to think of it as calculated passivity – if Mireu’s going to beat him black and blue, the best thing he can do is lie back, stare him down, and wait for it to end. Why? Well, because then he’ll be able to say yes, I blew up the statue, but look what he did to me and get Mireu expelled anyway. Worst case scenario, they both end up expelled, can I can’t see Yoonsu being too sad about that.

Anyway, our heroes from Team Reaction have made it outside, and they launch themselves at Mireu to break the fight.

Meanwhile, the episode’s leading men waste a perfectly good opportunity to run for their lives.


He claims he’s usually forgiving of fights since the boys are young... and besides, Park Mooyul can handle it! Seriously, who hired this man? (I know, I know, don’t answer it)

Meanwhile Mireu is questioning Yoonsu, while Team Reaction (+Youngjae –Kangmo) look on. Mireu asks whether he’s bough the fireworks from Youngjae, Yoonsu follows my advice and keeps his mouth shut.

Youngjae, as we all know, isn’t capable of such a thing.

So Yoonsu ends up talking, and tells the group he gathered enough black powder to make the statue go BANG, but it ended up not being much of an explosion, as they all know. My favorite thing about Yoonsu is how even though he’s completely passive and alienated for most of the show, he’s also incredibly Holier Than Thou. You’d have to be, I mean – rich kid, parents have a huge influence on the school’s inner workings, it’s quite likely that everyone in school knows who he is.

Goody Mooyul asks why he’d do such a thing, and Yoonsu is kind of... appalled that he doesn’t know. We walk right into Yoonsu’s past as a hopeful musician, as he informs us of his passionate effort to convince his parents he isn’t fit for the Alcatraz that is Susin High. He convinced the principal to set up a room for band practice, organised a showcase, and even convinced Hyunsu and Jeongtae (we don’t know who these people are, but damn, this means Yoonsu had friends once!) that studying could wait. He did all of this so his parents could see him perform and hopefully change their minds about Susin. The auditorium was full, things were looking bright, they went over capacity for the first song – and then, for some reason, people ran outside. Why? Because Mireu had decided to host his own event and bungee jump off the roof.

This second shot breaks my heart because it’s the exact same shot we got of the auditorium just minutes before. On the first shot, Youngjae’s looking for Yoonsu. On the second shot, Yoonsu’s there, alright, but no one’s looking for him. I hate this show.

So, set on getting his revenge on Mireu, Yoonsu blew up the statue and let him take the blame. He also points out that he simply followed Mireu’s own desire for attention – now he’ll be forever remembered as Susin’s one and only expelled student!

Mireu apologies for the fact that his "popular and dynamic act" (you’re not helping, mate) ruined Yoonsu’s "little performance", but Yoonsu won’t hear any of it – he’s quite upset as he corrects Mireu. It wasn’t "a little performance", not when his parents came to see it, not when it was his only chance of leaving "this hell where you call me Angel". That’s a really powerful line, made more so by the fact that Yoonsu has completely lost touch with his regular, soft-spoken self.

Meanwhile, Kangmo is in his room looking at footage from Mireu’s aforementioned popular and dynamic act, when Psychologist Yohan walks in and he explains Mireu’s celebrity status in Susin. He states he recorded the jump, and even if it was a little dangerous, it never crossed his mind to stop him.

Back with Team Reaction... Mireu apologises again, this time for real.

You see, this is why I love Mireu. When he appears, you’re led to believe he’s another bully, Youngjae 2.0, but it takes him less than 40 minutes to prove he’s nothing like him. Mireu is smart, observant, pragmatic, and he doesn’t have a single mean bone in his body. He acts out against Youngjae and Yoonsu when he thinks they’ve both set him, but as soon as he realises why it happened, his countenance changes, and he actually apologises. Notice how he never threatens to tell the truth, either – we don’t know whether he’s willing to go down for the deal with the statue, after all. Mooyul tries to convince Yoonsu to come clean about the subject, but all he gets in return is a simple "whatever".

Yoonsu gives Youngjae two sets of dramatic eye rolls (that must have been one NASTY break-up), and walks out. Sooooooo Youngjae gets his revenge trying to convince Team Reaction (- Kangmo) that Yoonsu was the one who sent the letters – he has a motive to hate everyone in school, so he simply chose the most influential names to create an issue and destroy the school’s reputation. Jaekyu points out he’s nothing special, though, why would he be included in the list? "Maybe it was delivered to the wrong person", Youngjae says. Real smooth.

Goody Mooyul abandons the room to go check on Eunsung, but he meets Psychologist Yohan in the infirmary instead. They talk briefly about the scars on her wrists, and Psychologist Yohan states that usually, people who cut do so to feel alive – it’s not the same as wanting to end their lives, which makes Eunsung’s suicide attempt seem unnatural to him. Well of course it’s unnatural, you hypnotised her, you ass.

Then, we find Eunsung eating alone in the cafeteria, and she seems to be aware of the contradiction, because she asks Mooyul “is it strange seeing me eat when I wanted to kill myself yesterday?” Mooyul jumps straight to logical thinking, and asks her why she chose the clock tower to die.

She replies that she doesn’t know why she chose the clock tower, she doesn’t even remember the clock tower, and everything about the suicide attempt is a blur to her – she felt as if she was floating, as if she was walking on air. Mooyul compares it to being on drugs, but Eunsung comments she wouldn’t know about that. This is basically all the evidence a first-time watcher needs to realise she was hypnotised, but I didn’t actually catch it until much later in the show. Oops?

We cut to Yoonsu, then, because it’s only suitable after drugs have been mentioned.

Mooyul isn’t amused at the substance abuse going on here, so he flushes the remaining pills (one!) down the drain. Yoonsu comments that "geez, that costs a lot", and I don’t think he’s considering becoming Mooyul’s friend anytime soon.

The sun sets, and we find Eunsung eating alone again. In a bit of a... strange moment, Chihoon walks into the cafeteria, and Eunsung does a double take before walking out without a word. Youngjae walks down the stairs next, still trying to convince Jaekyu that Yoonsu must have sent the letters. Jaekyu insists that it can’t be that simple, and besides, they can’t even say they fully understand the monster in the corner yet.

Gettin’ real tired of your shit, rookie.

Mooyul pops out of nowhere then, stating that it’s perfectly possible that Yoonsu could have confused paint with a birthmark, if he’d been under "special circumstances" at the time. Drugs. He means drugs.


Our sharpest, and sadly mostly missing from this episode, Chihoon overhears the conversation, but says nothing. Team Reaction (+Youngjae -Kangmo) go upstairs together, but apparently Youngjae is given enough time to go back to his room and get his make-up on? I don’t get it.




On my Top Three White Christmas Scenes I Find Hard To Watch, this one takes silver. Yoonsu looks terrified beyond words, Youngjae moves very quickly from "let’s just test it out" to full-on power trip, the scene is incredibly long, and I just squirm through the whole thing like a fish out of water. You don’t just gamble with people’s mental health like this.

Yoonsu does try to defend himself with a guitar, though, so things start looking up. He passes out just before Team Reaction walk in (WHERE WERE YOU PEOPLE?), and starts crying out for his mom and his aunt. Mooyul immediately runs to check on him, leaving Jaekyu to stand by the door and wonder if it’s physically possible for things to get any worse, and Youngjae to claw at his face and try to excuse his behavior.

What was that quote from episode one, "I may just be joking, but you may get hurt"? Exactly.

Psychologist Yohan is on IV duty again, and I can’t help but notice Yoonsu’s wearing a bracelet/watch, even though he wasn’t in any of the previous scenes. Why.

The Teacher questions Team Reaction (+Youngjae -Kangmo), Youngjae says Yoonsu "just passed out", The Teacher wonders if they thinks he’s stupid, Mooyul tells him Yoonsu was on drugs. Is it just me, or Mooyul has been acting kind of abrasive towards Yoonsu for the second half of the episode? He also discloses the whole letter situation, while Mireu watches via his laptop.

He sees Yoonsu in bed, too, and good thing he’s got questions to ask, because Mooyul drops by his room just after the meeting with The Teacher. He thanks Mooyul for not telling The Teacher about him being in the school, and informs he’ll be going home in the morning. But alas, he makes a mistake too, and Mooyul is quick to pick up on it.

"This could get you expelled", he says. Mooyul, you’re such an ingénue. But! I actually quite like his interactions with Mireu because they seem to see each other as equals – their rivalry lies solely with Chihoon, and you know what they say about one’s enemy’s enemies.

True to his word, Mireu then raids the kitchens and makes his way out through the air vents.

He spots The Teacher on the phone (look, it’s Foreshadowing Bread!) over an open student file, so he takes a look. We all know it’s Kim Jinsoo’s. Unfortunately, The Teacher catches him, and being the judo prodigy he is, flips him on his back and drags him into the aforementioned detention room. Mireu tries to talk his way out of it using legal jargon, but it’s no use,

The Teacher visits the surveillance room to delete the incriminating footage, and then the gym, where he works on his Sexy Judo and he get detailed close-ups of his sweaty skin. Psychologist Yohan walks in, and The Teacher gives him a monologue about always coming second but finally recognising his decisive moment. Too bad he’s going to die. Oops, spoiler.

The principal calls to check on the school. "Nothing’s up", The Teacher says. Be shadier, I dare you.

The voiceover returns to describe Kim Jinsoo, and we get a slightly depressing (ok, a very depressing) slideshow of the moments that match each verse of the black letters.

The blue paint, Yoonsu taking him for a monster, Mooyul and Eunsung being disgustingly happy together, Chihoon ignoring him. Kangmo and Jaekyu are not included, because as of episode two, we haven’t matched them to poem lines yet.

The episode ends with a plot twist, as The Teacher stares at Mooyul’s letter before opening a drawer and revealing... his very black envelope. DUN DUN DUN.

What are your thoughts on episode two?

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